About Fu2re

Fu2re is a specialized company in Artificial Intelligence, developing state-of-the-art solutions meanwhile creating value for your customers and partners and developing the society with its technologies.

Relying on high skilled Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision Specialists, Masters and PhDs

We are based in an inspirational and iconic region from Rio de Janeiro nearby the Museum of Tomorrow with an excellent infrastructure and high-tech laboratories that allow us to offer the best and most advanced AI technologies for our customers.

We have partnerships established with some of the most innovative institutions in the world. The largest Energy and Oil & Gas companies in Brazil applies Fu2re smart solutions.

Unleash for amateurs and professionals the AI Power to Image Recognition

Training an AI model to recognize objects on images could be a painful and time demanding task even for an AI Specialist. So what about requiring no AI experts enabling everyone to EASILY create an AI / Deep Learning model with only few clicks of the mouse?

Optimized DL model for offline or real-time inference using GPU

Powerful API for real time integration with your systems or mobile applications

Use graphical interface for create/train/inference any model to image object recognition (zero programing required)

Auto managing /transparent high performance GPU computing cluster on cloud

Access to the last generation of NVIDIA Tesla P100 and V100 GPU ( up to 100x faster training) and NVIDIA Tesla K80 for low cost and large memory applications

Main image detection and interpretation features

Image context detection

Image object contour detection

Image object precise detection

AI text recognition

Text attribute and parameters identifications SOON

Zero AI or programming knowledge are required

Create your own image database
Tag images and create your private knowledge base
Choose best model for your needs
Easy train on cloud and evaluate detailed results
Integrate your model
Transforming your application to a SMART one

All-new Powerful Artificial Intelligence Tool for any image interpretation

How use to turn your application SMART?

Web Based Inference

  • Upload your images

  • Infer them on web portal

  • Download your inference (XML)


  • 24/7 easy integrate API

  • Fast response times

  • Batch operation

  • Native integrate to any APP

  • Secure/dedicated endpoints

  • Redundant servers

FTP Batch Inference

  • 24/7 easy integrate API

  • Fastest response times

  • Batch operation

  • Easy to use for large images

AI applied to your business

Our verticals solutions are applied in the most diverse segments and in several applications such as:



AI energy meters reading and self-reading



AI assets and public lighting recognition on images



AI Fraud identification and Inspections optimization on energy distribution systems


When we develop our Artificial Intelligence state-of-the-art solutions, innovation is not a choice. Analyzing our clients' challenges from a new perspective and seeking a better solution through a new perspective using technologies that are on the technological frontier is mandatory for us.

We develop products from our customer’s and Fu2re R&D&I investments. With these new products, we ensure new competitive advantages for our customers, accelerate their innovation cycle, increase efficiency in their processes, reduce operating costs and increase revenue, guaranteeing the economic return on innovation that translates into value creation and benefits for the whole society.

Throughout our history, the innovative solutions we develop and the results we bring to our customers and partners, show that innovation is an art in which inspiration is its soul, but only its fulfilment will guarantee its success.

Join us and build a better future with Fu2re!

Know the leading companies that already get results from the Fu2re's Smart Solutions


  • light
  • petrobras
  • enel
  • libra
  • energisa
  • supergasbras


  • nasa
  • microsoft
  • nvidia
  • finep

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