Identification of fraud in energy distribution and
prioritization of inspection targets using Artificial Intelligence

Fully customizable platform integrated with the commercial and GIS system to identify fraudulent consumers
Prioritized inspections based on fraud risk and recovered energy, increasing productivity
Online tool to easily scale up AI models (no programming skills required)
Map-based tool for dispatching actions in the field
Risk-based AI model to assess consumer fraud probability
AI model to estimate energy recovered from fraudster
Application to report fraud
Applied with exceptional results in one of the public service companies most affected by fraud

AI-Assisted Target Selection and Inspection

Use Case: Large energy distributor

Large Brazilian city

Metropolitan region

Hit rate= 31,2%
Average TOI= 4289 kWh

increase in hit rate

increase in average TOI

Fraud reporting APP


Hit rate = 57,4%
Average TOI = 5.265,9 kWh

Inside the fraud detection platform

EnergyWatch is a tool developed within
the scope of the ANEEL R&D Program