smartvision AI

Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence in Image Recognition for everyone

Training an AI model to recognize objects in images can be a time-consuming and exhausting task even for an AI expert.

So what about not needing AI experts, allowing everyone to easily create an AI (Deep Learning) Model with just a few mouse clicks?

Key benefits of SmartVision AI

No-code = Zero programming = Easy use for the end user = provider independence = empowerment

Pre-trained models, image pre- and post-processing = more efficiency

The user/customer retains 100% ownership of the AI ​​model = competitive advantages

Easy integration with corporate systems (ERPs, DBs, etc.) = reduced costs

Advanced heuristics/algorithms = better performance beyond direct Computer Vision

Powerful Artificial Intelligence Tool for any image and video interpretation
Web-Based Inference

Upload your images

Infer them on the web portal

Download your inference (XML)


24/7 Easy Integration API

Fast response time

Batch operation

Native integration with any APP and any corporate system

Secure/Dedicated Endpoints

Redundant Servers

FTP batch inference

24/7 Easy Integration API

Faster response time

Batch operation

Easy to use for large images

How to make your application smart?
Create your own image database
Tag images: Create
your private knowledge base
Choose the best
model for your needs
Easily train in the cloud
and evaluate results in detail
Apply your solution even to EDGE devices
for real-time and offline applications