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We apply cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence solutions to democratize the benefits of AI and improve our society. We have specialists, masters and PhD's, highly qualified in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

Headquartered in an iconic environment in Rio de Janeiro with AAA infrastructure and high-tech laboratories as well as a branch in Recife. We have established partnerships with some of the most innovative institutions in the world. We were the first Brazilian startup to have AI solutions accelerated by NVIDIA, representing Brazil at GTC 2021, the main AI event in the world.

In 2022, Fu2re, NVIDIA and Advantech participated together in Rio O&G, the largest oil and gas fair in Latin America. In 2023, our SmartAssets solution was awarded as the most innovative in the electrical sector by CINASE and O Setor Elétrico magazine.

According to Época Negócios and PEGN magazines, fu2re is among the 100 Startups to Watch and one of the best in the southeast, in addition to being TOP2 among 480 AI startups and TOP100 among 32 thousand startups of all categories according to the 100 Open Startups ranking.

The largest companies in Brazil apply Fu2re's intelligent solutions, improving their productivity and results.

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Your company's brand identity should be as groundbreaking as your product.

Even the most disrupting product needs a great brand to get business results.

Even the most disrupting product needs a great brand to get business results.

Your company's brand identity should be as groundbreaking as your product.

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the AI power

smartvision AI

Training an AI model to recognize objects on images could be a painful and time demanding task even for an AI Specialist.

So what about not needing AI experts, allowing everyone to easily create an AI (Deep Learning) Model with just a few mouse clicks ?

Main Benefits of SmartVision AI

No need for programming = Easy use for end-users = provider independence = empowerment

Pre-trained models, pre- and post-image processing = more efficiency

The user/client retains 100% ownership of the AI model = competitive advantages

Easy integration with corporate systems (ERPs, DBs, etc.) = reduced costs

Advanced heuristics/algorithms = better performance beyond direct Computer Vision

All-new Powerful Artificial Intelligence
Tool for any image interpretation

Web Based Inference


Upload your images

Infer them on web portal

Download your inference (XML)


24/7 easy integrate API

Fast response times

Batch operation

Native integration to any APP

Secure/dedicated endpoints

Redundant servers

FTP Batch inference

24/7 easy integrate API

Fastest response times

Batch operation

Easy to use for large images

How to transform your application
into a smart application?
Create your own image database
Tag the images: Create your
private knowledge base
Choose the best model for your needs
Easily train in the cloud
and evaluate results in detail
Apply your solution even to EDGE devices
for real-time and offline applications

smartvision edge AI

Offline and/or real-time solutions:
Perfect fit for industrial and field applications

- Easy integration with mobile apps and devices
- Edge/local processing
- High-performance algorithms for real-time usage and image interpretation

- SmartVisionEDGE AI Appliance Fu2re, Advantech and NVIDIA homologated
- Worldwide support and maintenance
- High-performance processing GPUs (>120FPS)
- Perfect fit for industrial production lines
- High-performance real-time inference

Smart Solutions

Discover some of our clients who are already benefiting from the solutions developed by fu2re

"FU2RE has been one of NVIDIA's partners that has stood out for its innovation in its AI projects, bringing a quick and tangible return to our customers' core activities; I'm sure that in the forecoming years we will continue to see its growth in various industries and this is the main objective of our Inception startup program: The fast and sustainable growth of our partners."

Fernando Pereira

Brand Manager

"We began developing EnergyWatch as an R&D project in 2018. Today the tool produces excellent results, compatible with solutions already consolidated on the market. A powerful and versatile software, oriented to the changes and new learning that this niche requires."

Marcelo Leite


"FU2RE has always caught my attention because it is a company that does not aim to carry out projects as its focus of commercial interest. It sees projects, in the correct way, that is, as a mechanism to enable quality products that, together with customer satisfaction, your customer, will be the support of your business."

Jose Tenorio Barreto

Former Innovation Coordinator

Key partners